Moon Over the City


It's that old devil moon
that you stole from the sky
that old devil moon
in your eyes.

Sorry, I had to, I just love that song :) Love this shot as well. I'm working on getting a good moon photo myself.
Anonymous said…
This is elegantly beautiful.
Thanks both of you, I did my best in coming up with a decent shot which is hard to do when I'm only using a mobile phone's camera:D
the ghost will come with the moonlight
to show her the stars and be her light;
to make her feel warm in the cold of night
to take away the darkness' fright.

an angel she is, to the ghost that cares
to the rest, she is just someone who dares;
to live, love, laugh, long, and learn
with this, the angel, a ghost she earned.

just a ghost he may be to all
to the angel, he is her protective wall;
a ghost, she can't hug and kiss
but the ghost she can love and miss.

this angel that is so hurt
may cry and be hurt again
and if she does, she won't fear
coz there's a ghost moon
who will wipe those tears
and whisper, "it's ok hun"...

you may be far from me,
but you are still near to me.

WoW! Minorie this a great compliment for the picture. Thank you.

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